New Collection of Short Stories

I’ve published a collection of my scifi short stories set in the Imperium Chronicles universe. They include stories that were incorporated into my first two novels, The Arks of Andromeda and The Dragons of Andromeda, as well as three stories that I will include in my upcoming novel The Robots of Andromeda(Late 2019). The collection is .99 cents on […]

Indie Author Interview

I did another interview, this time talking more about being an indie author (including marketing) in the age of Amazon:

New Short Story: “Song of the Sirens”

I’ve posted a new short story called “Song of the Sirens”. The story includes Lord Maycare, Jessica Doric, and Henry Riff as they investigate mysterious singing on an inhabited moon orbiting a gas giant. Along the way, they encounter two races: the centaur-like Pellions and the Ferans (aka Beastmen). The green knight, Sir Golan, and […]

Books in the Bottoms

It’s not a fetish! Actually, Books in the Bottoms was an author meet-and-greet this weekend that I  attended. For several hours Saturday, I was stationed in the Designer Consignment store located in the historic West Bottoms area of Kansas City. I met a lot of people and handed out an assortment of bookmarks and Moss […]