Character List

Augustus, Prince AlexanderMischievous son of the Emperor and black sheep of the Augustus family.

Augustus, Emperor Hector: Patriarch of the Augustus family and current emperor of the Imperium.

Bar-Batos, Ambassador: Emissary of the Magna Supremacy and former (perhaps current?) adversary of Emperor Augustus.

Bentley: Longtime butlerbot of Lord Maycare.

Blixx, Capt. Durant: Captain of the pirate ship the Hotspur.

Boogs, Zarro: Disreputable vendor of questionable merchandise.

Burke, Lt.: Imperial Naval officer and assistant to Lord Tagus III.

Calico, Mister Jack: Quartermaster of the Hotspur.

Crawley, Detective: An unscrupulous detective of the Regalis Police Department.

Davidson, Randall: Member of the Robot Freedom League.

Doric, Prof. Jessica: Head of research for the Maycare Institute of Xeno Studies.

Freck, Melinda “Mel”: A tinker from the Gnomi race, Mel builds whatever she can’t steal.

Big G: Tikarin leader of the Si-Sawat crime syndicate and proprietor of the Fat Cat Casino.

Groen, Lord Radford: An aristocrat often found gambling with life-long companion Lord Woodwick.

Gurkin, Smitty: Mysterious Gordian. Associated with Lord Rupert Tagus III.

Hitch, Capt. Cameron: Captain of the smuggling ship the Rattenbury.

Jericho: Advanced android with a gravitonic brain.

Kalidas, Counselor: Dahl adviser to Emperor Augustus.

Koshkin, CalestaMember of the Red Lotus crime syndicate.

Lucy, Lefty: Bodyguard to Prince Alexander and former member of the Red Lotus syndicate.

Maal-Bok: A Magna involved with pirate attacks against Imperial shipping.

Marshall, Duncan: Only son of Senator Joan Marshall.

Marshall, Senator Joan: Member of the Imperial Senate.

Maycare, Lord Devlin: Famous sportsman and playboy. Founder of the Maycare Institute of Xeno Studies.

Montros, Empress Isabella: Wife of Emperor Augustus, Isabella comes from the House of Montros, one of the powerful Five Families.

Ramsey, Capt.: Captain of the freighter the Steppenwolf.

Ramus, Capt. Rowan: Captain of the freighter the Wanderer. A Dahl outcast knowledgeable in the forbidden art of Dark Psi.

Riff, Henry: Overly excitable assistant to Prof. Doric.

Skarlander, Oscar: Agent for Warlock Industries.

Skeeter: One-wheeled robot and associate to Smitty Gurkin.

Tagus III, Lord Rupert: Imperial Naval officer and son of the Tagus family patriarch.

Tarkio, Archsenator Malcolm : Member of the Emperor’s Council.

Vicious, Kid: Boss of the Griefer gang.

Woodwick, Lord Winsor: A noble of English descent and friend of Lord Groen.

Yost, Dyson: The enigmatic founder of dy cybernetics.

Valeria, Jolana: Archsenator Tarkio’s mistress and member of the Red Lotus.