Erudite Lore

The Erudite Concordant is an interstellar nation outside of the Imperium. The Erudites, from the planet Erudun, are deeply xenophobic and prefer to keep to themselves except for basic diplomatic relations including an embassy on Regalis. The Erudites have a fanatical belief in racial purity and follow strict protocols to ensure perfection. From a planet […]

New Short Story: “Secrets of the Psi Lords”

Read the newest short story by W. H. Mitchell, “The Secrets of the Psi Lords.” It’s about Captain Ramus of the Wanderer and his past history with the Psi Lords, the ones who gave him his dark psi tattoos. His past comes back to haunt him as the Psi Lords want him to complete a […]

Lore: Imperial Insignia

Instead of more flags, today I’ll discuss the four branches of the Imperial military and their insignia (i.e., badges). Imperial Navy By far the largest branch, the Imperial Navy has hundreds of warships throughout the Imperium, most organized into fleets and task forces. The Guardian Fleet is the most famous, standing immediately across the border […]

Necronea Lore

Today I’m discussing the Necronea, another race from my new book The Dragons of Andromeda. Who are the Necronea? They are a race of necromancers with the ability to raise the dead. They are, in fact, undead; able to live forever and give the gift of immortality (albeit as a corpse) to those who wish […]

Draconian Lore

One of the major new races introduced in my upcoming novel The Dragons of Andromeda is called the Draconians. A large, reptilian species, the Dracs have fought several unsuccessful revolutions against the Imperium since their home world of Marakata was conquered by humans. Although not dragons themselves, the Draconians have a rich mythology centered around […]

Fun with Flags 2!

Before I show flags from some of the other races (non-humans) of the Imperium Chronicles, here’s one more from the humans: Emperor’s Standard This flag is flown to represent the current emperor, whether it appears in front of the Imperial Palace or wherever the emperor happens to be. The flag shown is for His Imperial […]

Fun with Flags!

Today we’re going to have FUN WITH FLAGS! I’ve always loved flags and heraldry and I’ve incorporated both in my books and the graphic novels and board games I’ve written. For Arks of Andromeda and my next book, The Dragons of Andromeda, it’s a little harder to describe how a family’s crest or an empire’s […]

Dragons of Andromeda News & Cover

I want to talk about some exciting news! In the next few months I plan on publishing my second book in the Imperium Chronicles series. Called The Dragons of Andromeda, it will continue where the previous book, The Arks of Andromeda, left off. Both take place in the Imperium, a far-flung human empire in the […]

Squire & the Green Knight

I’ve added a new selection to my short stories called “Squire & the Green Knight” that I’ll be incorporating into my next novel The Dragons of Andromeda. The story talks about a green-skinned knight from a doomed race and his robot named Squire. They encounter a new type of Dahl called the Sylvan who live […]