Draconian Lore

One of the major new races introduced in The Dragons of Andromeda is called the Draconians. A large, reptilian species, the Dracs have fought several unsuccessful revolutions against the Imperium since their home world of Marakata was conquered by humans.


Although not dragons themselves, the Draconians have a rich mythology centered around a two-headed dragon who lived in a volcano named Agniparvata:

According to their legends, a two-headed dragon named Bonamalum lived inside the volcano. One of the heads, Bona, was good-natured while his brother, Malum, was evil. One day, a hero climbed the mountain and challenged Malum to combat. The evil side agreed, attacking the hero, but after a battle lasting seven days and seven nights, Malum's head lay severed on the ground. As the hero rejoiced in his victory, he noticed that Bona, the good side, was bleeding to death from the wound that killed his evil brother. Powerless to help, the hero could do nothing as the good dragon collapsed and died.

— Chapter 2, The Dragons of Andromeda

Draconian Rebel Flag

The volcano Agniparvata is featured on the Draconian revolutionary flag, set against a rising sun and the clenched fist of a Draconian warrior. The red field of the flag represents the blood of both Malum, one of the two heads of Bonamalum, and the rebels killed by the Imperial invaders.

Draconian rebels are often referred to as Dragon Soldiers which refers to another story involving Bonamalum:

"Do you know the story of the Dragon's Tears?"

"It's about the dragon, Bonamalum," Magnus said, "or at least Bona, the good one. When his evil brother Malu was killed, Bona wept and where his tears fell, Draconian warriors sprang to life."

Daaruk nodded. "They're called Dragon Soldiers. They pledged to always serve their people, no matter the enemy."

— Chapter 2, The Dragons of Andromeda

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