The Slave Pens of Oras Dracilor

I’ve begun the next big story arc in Dragons of Andromeda, which I call “The Slave Pens of Oras Dracilor”. It revolves around Sylvia Flax, famous news anchor of VOX News. While investigating a story, she gets captured by Celadonian Corsairs, a race of “goblins” and rivals to the Pirate Clans. They attack ships, keeping the cargo and selling the unfortunate passengers to another race called the Ougluks (“hobgoblins”). These brutes are slave traders who supply the Magna with captives to be sold on their home planet.

The story arc will take Flax across the border of the Magna Supremacy and it’s up to the crew of the Wanderer (Ramus, Fugg, and Gen) to find a way to bring her back. I expect this to be one of the larger arcs in my new book so I’m glad to be finally working on it.