Character List

Abigail: A gravitronic robot who works for Dyson Yost.
Annis: One of Lady Veber’s handmaidens.
Augustus, Emperor Hector: Patriarch of the Augustus family and current emperor of the Imperium.
Augustus, Prince Alexander: Mischievous son of the Emperor and black sheep of the Augustus family.
Augustus, Prince Richard: First son of Emperor Augustus.
Baines, Doctor Samantha: The chief medical officer (CMO) aboard the Baron Lancaster.
Bar-Batos, Ambassador: Emissary of the Magna Supremacy and former (perhaps current?) adversary of Emperor Augustus.
Busa-Gul, Judicator: A high-ranking judge of the Magna Supremacy. Known to have a soft spot for his human slaves.
Busa-Zala: The wife of Judicator Busa-Gul. Known for a violent jealous streak.
Bentley: Longtime butlerbot of Lord Maycare.
Big G: Tikarin leader of the Si-Sawat crime syndicate and proprietor of the Fat Cat Casino.
Black, Magnus: A mysterious hitman with ties to both Imperial Intelligence and criminal syndicates.
Blixx, Capt. Durant: Captain of the pirate ship the Hotspur.
Boogs, Zarro: Disreputable vendor of questionable merchandise.
Bortok (“The Enslaver”): An Ougluk leader with a love of the arts, especially paintings.
Bragor: Owner of Bragor’s Tavern in the town of Gowyn. He is also the father of Sisi Oakhollow.
Burke, Lt.: Imperial Naval officer and assistant to Lord Tagus III.
Busa-Gul, Judicator: A high-ranking judge of the Magna Supremacy. Known to have a soft spot for his human slaves.
Calico, Mister Jack: Quartermaster of the Hotspur.
Cirion: A Sarkan working with Ipak-Bog and Bortok the Enslaver, both of which he considers beneath him.
Crawley, Detective: An unscrupulous detective of the Regalis Police Department.
Daaruk: Draconian weaponsmith and owner of The Dragon’s Teeth, and an informer for Magnus Black.
Davidson, Randall: Leader of the Bettik robots and member of the Robot Freedom League.
Doric, Prof. Jessica: Head of research for the Maycare Institute of Xeno Studies.
Druril, Tomil: Blood Prince to a brood of Dokk.
Ekavir (“The Jade General”): A folk hero and leader of the Draconian resistance.
Flax, Sylvia: Famous news anchor for VOX News.
Freck, Melinda “Mel”: A tinker from the Gnomi race, Mel builds whatever she can’t steal.
Fugg, Orkney: A Gordian and the chief engineer of the Wanderer.
Gen: A general purpose robot owned by Capt. Ramus.
Ghazul, Grand Necromancer: The high priest of the Necronea. Using dark psi, he can reanimate the dead, turning them into more Necronea.
Golan, Sir: A Cruxian knight who travels on an endless quest in a search for redemption.
Golub: A Celadon pirate.
Grausman, Colonel Hugo: Military governor of Marakata.
Groen, Lord Radford: An aristocrat often found gambling with life-long friend, Lord Woodwick.
Gurkin, Smitty: Mysterious Gordian. Associated with Lord Rupert Tagus III.
Hatcher, Lars: A colonist from one of the two formerly missing ark ships.
Hightower, Lord Admiral: Captain Redgrave’s commanding officer.
Hitch, Captain Cameron: Captain of the smuggling ship the Rattenbury.
Ipak-Bog: A Magna slave trader who ships captives from the Imperium across the border to the Magna Supremacy.
Jericho: Advanced android with a gravitonic brain.
Kalidas, Counselor: Dahl adviser to Emperor Augustus.
KB-8E: A killbot.
Kecil, Bos: A Parvulian who hires Wanderer crew.
Kerch, Inquisitor Kovel: Official of the Talion Republic investigating the K’thonian attacks.
Kinnari, Lieutenant: The chief operations officer, and only Dahl, aboard the Baron Lancaster.
Koshkin, Calesta: Member of the Red Lotus crime syndicate.
Lucy, Lefty: Bodyguard to Prince Alexander and former member of the Red Lotus syndicate.
Maal-Bok: A Magna involved with pirate attacks against Imperial shipping.
Marshall, Duncan: Only son of Senator Joan Marshall.
Marshall, Senator Joan: Member of the Imperial Senate.
Maycare, Lord Commander Robert: The executive officer (XO) and second-in-command of the Baron Lancaster.
Maycare, Lord Devlin: Famous sportsman and playboy. Founder of the Maycare Institute of Xeno Studies.
Montros, Empress Isabella: Wife of Emperor Augustus, Isabella comes from the House of Montros, one of the powerful Five Families.
Oakhollow, Silandra: A female Sylvan and mother to Sisi Oakhollow.
Oakhollow, Sisi: The young daughter of Silandra Oakhollow.
Ramsey, Captain: Captain of the freighter the Steppenwolf.
Ramus, Captain Rowan: Captain of the freighter the Wanderer. A Dahl outcast knowledgeable in the forbidden art of Dark Psi.
Redgrave, Lord Captain Martin: The captain and commanding officer of the Baron Lancaster.
Riff, Henry: Overly excitable assistant to Prof. Doric.
Rik, DJ Funkmeister: A Cerulean disc jockey famous for dropping beats at the Funky Town on Fortunus IV.
Ruggles, Walter: Former employee of IDEA Furniture with strong feelings about meatballs.
Russo, Kiera: The self-declared Queen of the Blackhearts, she is the leader of the Pirate Clan of the same name.
Skarlander, Oscar: Agent for Warlock Industries.
Skeeter: One-wheeled robot and associate to Smitty Gurkin.
Sprouse, Dr.: Geneticist working for Warlock Industries.
Squire: Robot servant of Sir Golan.
Tagus III, Lord Rupert: Imperial Naval officer and son of the Tagus family patriarch.
Tarkio, Archsenator Malcolm: Member of the Emperor’s Council.
Valeria, Jolana: Archsenator Tarkio’s mistress.
Veber, Lady Rebecca: Matriarch and leader of the Veber family.
Veber, Philip: Only child of Lady Veber
Vicious, Kid: Boss of the Griefer gang.
Woodwick, Lord Winsor (“Winnie”): A noble of English descent and friend of Lord Groen.
Yost, Dyson: The enigmatic founder of dy cybernetics.
Yostbot: A gravitronic robot containing the persona of Dyson Yost.
Zhug-Doja: A famous Magna artist whose paintings usually depict Magna superiority over all other races.