Short Stories

The Amazing Jonathan Warlock
In Victorian England, a stage magician named Jonathan Warlock is, in fact, a sorcerer hiding his true powers in plain sight.  At the behest of the mysterious Council of Light, Warlock and his assistant Miss Molly must investigate demonic rifts that have begun appearing across the pond.

Metal Messiah
Melinda Freck’s in love with a human, but it’s not just any human. Russell Davidson belongs to the Robot Freedom League and he’s determined to find out why the Cyber Collective will no longer accept advanced androids from the Imperium. Jericho is a robot; enslaved by the Imperium, but now shunned by the only place he can be free. What happens when an android can think beyond its programming? Does the freedom to think about power, love, and God truly set us free or simply put us in chains?

The Caverns of Fire and Snow
Professor Jessica Doric is hired by a famed adventurer/womanizer Lord Devlin Maycare to run his new pet project, The Maycare Institute of Xeno Studies. Her job: to locate alien artifacts before Warlock Industries, an unscrupulous mega-corp, can steal them away. For their first adventure, Doric and Maycare travel to a distant ice planet where they believe xenotech is hidden away beneath an active volcano. Can they succeed or will a sinister Warlock Agent named Skarlander stand in their way?

Magnus Black: Dead to Me
Magnus is a hitman who kills for a living. In this story set in the Imperium Chronicles universe, Magnus is hired by a prostitute for a debt only death can pay.

West End
Detective Crawley is about to have a bad day in this science fiction story set in the Imperium Chronicles universe.