Of all the non-Human races, the Magna’s home planet is perhaps the least understood. Rumors and legends abound, but intelligence gathered by spies, ambassadors, and Ougluk slave merchants has filled in some of the blanks about the mysterious hell world called Diavol.


By all accounts, Diavol’s surface is plagued by volcanic activity, including oceans of lava seeping up from the planet’s core. The skies are red with smoke and ash spewed into the atmosphere by constant eruptions. Over the centuries, most plant life has become carnivorous due to the lack of direct sunlight. Reptiles (especially snakes and lizards) are common and ferocious.

Points of Interest

Ebony Coast

Lava from inland volcanoes has flowed toward the sea, turning this coastline into a black stretch of hardened magma and loose rocks. Although vegetation is sparse, scorpion-like arachnids patrol the beaches looking for a fresh meal of lizard or an unfortunate Magna.

Sea of Fire

This ocean gets its name from natural gas bub-bling up from vents on the sea floor. The gas erupts into flame as it reaches the surface as if the water is ablaze.

Oras Dracilor

Oras Dracilor is the largest city on the planet and serves as the capital of the Magna Supremacy. Few non-Magna have walked its streets, but smuggled holograms show pyramids, obelisks, and other structures designed to neutralize the effects of volcanic tremors. Most buildings are modern since very few ancient structures have survived the planet’s harsh environment.