dy cybernetics

dy cybernetics (always in lower case) is the primary manufacturer of robots in the Imperium. Owned by Dyson Yost, the headquarters is located in Regalis on the planet Aldrous.

Over the last fifty years, nearly every robot built and sold in the Imperium was stamped with the dy logo. Yet, when stories of Dyson Yost were told in boardrooms and IT departments, the tales suggested near-mythical qualities, as if the man himself never really existed. Photographs of him were rare and video of him speaking didn’t exist. As a privately held company, dy cybernetics didn’t have stockholder meetings or a board of directors, and its finances were confidential. All anyone really knew was that a building listed as the dy corporate office rose like a pillar of blue-steel glass from the heart of the Regalis business district. What was going on inside, however, remained a mystery.

The Arks of Andromeda, Chapter 19

Dyson Yost

Dyson Yost is the founder and sole owner of dy cybernetics. He is responsible for every aspect of the company’s operation, including manufacturing and research. As the primary source of robots in the Imperium, he holds enormous power since robots serve as the de facto slave-labor of the Empire.

However, although groups like the Robot Freedom League have vilified him, Dyson Yost does not view robots as property. In fact, he considers them his children and, as such, has important plans for them and their place in the Imperium and beyond.


As an elderly man, Dyson Yost realized he could not travel as much as he once did. As a result, he developed cybernetic technology called gravitronic brains, which allowed for robots to learn as humans do, organically through experience. Such brains also allowed humans and other organics to transfer a copy of their own consciousness (aka persona) into a robot equipped with such a brain. As a result, Yost downloaded his persona into multiple robots so he could be in many places at once. Note, however, each copy is a separate version of the original Yost and, as such, is independent and self aware. Whether the “flesh-and-blood” Yost expected the level of independence displayed by each Yostbot is unclear.