Major Races


The Dahl are best known for their slender builds and expressive minds. Since they are not strong in most cases, the Dahl have focused on intellectual endeavors including art, music, and academics. Their achievements in painting, sculpture, and lyrical poetry are legendary. They are also proficient in the ways of psionics and some have been known to spend years in secluded monasteries, learning the craft of the mind. The Dahl, perhaps due to their intellect, often appear detached from those around them. Nevertheless, other races seem drawn to the Dahl’s natural beauty and grace.


Draconians are a reptilian race with a long history of conflict. In fact, it was with considerable difficulty that the Imperium originally subdued their home world over two hundred years ago. Since then, the Draconians have rebelled eight times but with little success due to their inferior technology and organizational skills. However, they remain accomplished swordsmen and take part in gladiatorial contests throughout the year.


Gordians are short, stocky humanoids with long, wart-covered snouts punctuated with small tusks. Although they do not appear overly muscular, the Gordians are actually quite strong. This is useful since they are also quite rude and irritable. They have few social skills, preferring instead to offend other races through off-color jokes and public flatulence. When learning a new language, the Gordians prefer to focus on the expletives first since those are the words they are most likely to use. Due to their nature, they are not popular among other races, although not as much as the Magna.


Humans make up the largest racial group in the Imperium. And, since the aristocracy is almost entirely human, they hold most of the power in the Imperial government. Humans as a group are enterprising and clever. They are also selfish, greedy, and often morally self-righteous. None of these facts are lost on the other races, many of which hold a special grudge in their hearts toward humanity.


Ingrained into the minds of every young Magna is the concept that the universe belongs to them and it is their manifest destiny to rule over all other races. Needless to say, this does little to prepare them for inter-racial interaction, except through conquest and enslavement. In fact, even within the Magna culture, each member of the race is segmented into a very strict caste structure. The idea of migrating from one caste to another, even a lower one, is taboo. In short, every Magna is born and dies within the same caste, whether he likes it or not. The castes themselves are as varied as the inhabitants, including military, civil service, and janitorial castes.

Within the Imperium, the Magna are largely shunned due to their historic animosity toward the Empire. Most are either outcasts from the Magna Supremacy or somehow connected to the diplomatic corps. There are a few, such as traders and mercenaries, who remain loyal to their home while living within the borders of the Imperium.


The Tikarin are a feline race, often meticulous, demanding, and difficult to please. They frequently display impatience with other races and, like the Magna, sometimes exude a sense of superiority.

On Aldorus, in the city of Regalis, a Tikarin crime syndicate called Si-Sawat runs a gambling house called the Fat Cat Casino, which they use as a money laundering operation.


The Wulver, unlike the Tikarins, are very friendly toward others and eager to meet new acquaintances. Contrary to popular belief, however, the Wulver feel no ill will toward the Tikarins, although they do find them peculiar and aloof. In general, the Wulver prefer to work in groups and often form labor unions, more for the social aspects than for better wages. They are ferociously loyal to their team and are capable of great personal sacrifice to protect others in the group.