The House of Maycare could trace its lineage to the crew of one of the original sleeper ships that arrived in Andromeda. While not one of the Five Families, the Maycares benefit from the wealth and prestige of being part of the nobility.

Lord Devlin Maycare

The most well-known member of the family is undoubtedly Lord Devlin Maycare. Adventurer and playboy, Devlin is an avid sportsman, having won the Regalis Cup (an annual grav bike race) multiple times.

Although often in the news as a celebrity, Devlin has also dabbled in science and research. His most recent endeavour was the establishment of the Maycare Institute of Xeno Studies, an organization dedicated to studying and preserving alien artifacts and technology.

Lord Commander Robert Maycare

The nephew of Devlin Maycare, Robert is the executive officer (XO) on the HIMS Baron Lancaster, a heavy cruiser in the Imperial Navy. While not as well-known as his uncle, Robert has served bravely, distinguishing himself during anti-pirate patrols and protecting the Imperium from the Magna menace.