Notable Starships

Below are some of the many starships that have appeared in the Imperium Chronicles. Note, the images shown below may not match the descriptions in the book completely.

HIMS Baron Lancaster

A heavy cruiser of the Imperial Navy. Commanded by Lord Captain Redgrave.

His Imperial Majesty’s Ship the HIMS Baron Lancaster was a heavy cruiser of the Imperial fleet. At over 900 yards long, the wedge-shaped Baron Lancaster had a soaring superstructure, like an armored citadel, rising above its surrounding hull.

The Dragons of Andromeda, Chapter Six

Crew & Passengers

  • Lord Captain Martin Redgrave
  • Lord Commander Robert Maycare

The Liberty

A battlecruiser of the Cyber Collective.

The ship had a vertical, triangular shape, almost like a sail but thicker… Running up and down its length were three horizontal, triangular wings. The top and bottom wings were smaller than the much larger middle tier. Lights and turrets covered the structure’s entire surface.

The Robots of Andromeda, Chapter Thirteen

Crew & Passengers

  • Abigail (Captain)
  • Randall Davison (Passenger)
  • Senator Wulandari (Passenger)
  • Yostbot (Passenger)

The Starling

A starship owned by Magnus Black.

The Starling looked like an arrowhead with short, thick wings on either side of the main fuselage. The cockpit was set close to the front, giving Magnus a good view of his surroundings. The twin thrusters in the back burned a translucent blue as the ship picked up speed.

The Arks of Andromeda, Chapter Five

Crew & Passengers

  • Magnus Black (Captain)

The Wanderer

Freighter owned by Captain Ramus.

At the far end of the line, a lone freighter rested on its landing struts like an old man squatting in the shadows. Its hull, 75 yards long, was gray except for a few sections painted a cheerful yellow. Above the nose cone where the word Wanderer was stenciled, a wedge shape wrapped in windows protruded to form the cockpit.

The Arks of Andromeda, Chapter Fifteen

Crew & Passengers

  • Captain Rowan Ramus
  • Chief Engineer Orkney Fugg
  • Gen (Robot)