Pirate Clans

The clans were originally groups who marauded along the frontier, attacking ships and looting their cargos. Over time, they evolved into tightly organized units dabbling in fraud, extortion, and blackmail to supplement their normal means of income. Each member is fiercely loyal to his clan and decorates his body with tattoos and piercings as an open display of his fidelity.

The Blackhearts

The Blackhearts are a pirate clan based out of a seedy bar called The Blood Bucket on the planet Freeport.

Captain Kiera Russo

Captain of the pirate ship the Cutthroat, and leader and self-declared Queen of the Blackhearts, a pirate clan. Capt. Russo is large, with graying brunette hair flowing past a corset and a billowing dress. On her left cheek, like a tear, a black heart is tattooed just below the eye.

Blixx’s Brigands

A group of pirate commanded by Capt. Durant Blixx. Nearly completely wiped out after their ship, the Hotspur, was attacked by the Imperial Navy, including the Overlord-class ship, the Gorgon.

Captain Durant Blixx

Durant Blixx is a pirate captain and adventurer. His ship, the Hotspur, is one of the most powerful pirate vessels operating within the Imperium. As such, the Imperial authorities are constantly on the watch for his activities. Rarely seen in person, Blixx spends most of his time raiding merchant ships in the Frontier Worlds.

He has a strong, muscular physique with red hair and a beard. His eyes are emerald green and his thundering voice commands the respect of his subordinates and instills fear into his enemies.

Butcher Boys

The Butcher Boys were a successful pirate clan until most of its members were either killed or captured by the Imperial Navy. Some of those captured were given the choice to join the Navy or go to prison.