West End

Victory Park

North of the Imperial Senate are two 100-meter reflecting pools lined up end-to-end, with a triumphal arc between them. Along each pool are statues of historic heroes of the Imperium, each holding a spear outstretched across the water. Soldiers leaving for active duty often come to the park to drop coins into the pools for good luck.

The Palace

Farther north, in line with Victory Park and the Imperial Senate, the Imperial Palace stands in opulent beauty. Like a cathedral, it reminds visitors that the inhabitant of the Palace is the ultimate ruler of the Imperium with near omnipotent powers.

Botanical Gardens

Near the Palace are the famed Imperial Botanical Gardens. Trees and other vegetation can be found here, brought to Aldorus from around the Imperium. The gardens, however, are not open to regular citizens. In fact, they are restricted to only the aristocracy and other VIPs.

Embassy Row

Still in the West End, the embassies of several other interstellar nations are grouped in this diplomatic quarter. The largest of these buildings is by far the Magna Embassy, housing the Ambassador and his staff. It is also rumored that the Magna Intelligence Agency maintains a headquarters within the mansion, although this has never been proven.


Fat Cat Casino

On the western edge of Ashetown, but still on the “wrong” side of the river, sits Fat Cat Casino in a blaze of neon. An obese Tikarin named Big G runs the joint, watching the action from behind a two-way mirror in his office. The casino is actually a front for the Si-Sawat Cartel, a crime syndicate specializing in money laundering and black market goods. If somebody has something illegal to buy or sell, Fat Cat Casino is the place to go.


Business District

Flanked by high-speed traffic arteries, the business district acts as the commercial hub of the city. Skyscrapers, hundreds of feet tall, nestle among the clouds, each teeming with middle-class managers like rats in a nest. Most major companies will have offices in this area, while elite mega corporations will have entire blocks dedicated to their organization.

Warlock Industries

More like a monolith of metal and glass than an office tower, the headquarters of Warlock Industries sits behind a wall of security tighter than most government buildings. Down its brightly lit (and heavily monitored) hallways are laboratories full of scientists and marketing execs working toward the next big product to sell. And, in the basement, is the black ops division whose sole purpose is to steal the next big thing from anyone else that invents it first.

Sadira Flowers

Tucked away among several small shops is a store called Sadira Flowers. Customers can buy an assortment of bouquets, but with the proper codeword, another side of the business is available. Sadira Flowers, in fact, is the front for the Red Lotus crime syndicate, a cartel run exclusively by women and specializing in extortion, illegal gambling, and prostitution.


The primary Aldorus starport lies a short distance to the east of Regalis. Like a city onto itself, the ground facilities serve all starships capable of landing on the planet, while orbiting facilities provided services for larger vessels. Characters arriving on Aldorus should expect to travel through this starport.