The Dahl Empire

Dahl Imperial Flag

Thousands of years before humans arrived in Andromeda, the Dahl Empire spanned across a swath of stars greater than the Imperium and the Magna Supremacy combined. For centuries, the Dahl ruled hundreds of worlds, bringing stability to their inhabitants under the leadership of Elder Brenin the Great.

After a Magna assassin brought Brenin’s long life to an abrupt end, the empire fell into a period of turmoil and, for the Dahl themselves, a time of reflection. Ultimately, the Dahl turned inward, choosing to forgo their far-flung holdings and turn inward in search of enlightenment.

The Dahl Empire quickly shrank to no more than their home planet, Gwlad Ard’un. Meanwhile, other races rose to prominence and the Dahl who were left behind on distant worlds began evolving into new subspecies with their own characteristics and agendas. These included the Sylva, Sarkan, and the mysterious Dokk.

Dahl Imperial Seal