The Five Families

These are the most powerful houses of the Imperial nobility, and the direct descendants of the captains from the surviving sleeper ships.

Crests of the Five Families


The current Imperial family, the House of Augustus is rivaled in power only by the Tagus family. Emperor Hector Augustus is married to Empress Isabella Montros, and have three children: Richard, Alexander, and Katherine.


The Groens have historically been allied with the Tagus family, but their business dealings (sometimes with organized crime syndicates) have made them unreliable at best. Lord Radford Groen is a frequent patron at the Fat Cat Casino and is rumored to have gambling debts with the Si-Sawat syndicate, owners of the casino.


The House of Montros has usually found themselves in league with the Augustus family. Empress Isabella Montros, paired with Hector Augustus through an arranged marriage, is the most powerful woman in the Imperium. However, members of the family have intermarried with other houses as well.


Arguably the second most powerful house of the Five Families, the Tagus family has long held a grudge against the House of Augustus. Most recently, the first son, Rupert Tagus III, complained that his father should have been made emperor instead of Hector Augustus.


The Veber family is best known for serving as a mediator among the other houses. Lady Rebecca Veber, the current matriarch, has one son, Philip, having lost her husband in a tragic gravcar accident.