Warlock Industries

Warlock has its hands in several industries, from building starships to weapon systems to children’s toys. In some star systems, Warlock has taken over entire planets, installing their own corporate government and militia. The Imperial government usually turns a blind eye due to frequent and sizable donations to whatever government agency or royal family that’s in charge. Warlock also has a reputation for industrial espionage, either stealing information or sabotaging its competitors. They have even resorted to corporate assassination when necessary.

The Cauldron

The nickname for the Warlock headquarters located in the capital Regalis, the Cauldron is home to hundreds of Warlock scientists and technicians who take xeno technology and inventions of their own and turn them into products that can be sold, usually to military buyers.

No one is quite sure how deep the Cauldron goes, but most believe Warlock Industries has dozens of sublevels beneath their headquarters where experiments take place.

Agent Oscar Skarlander

Cunning as much as he is ruthless, Agent Skarlander is one of the main operators working for Warlock Industries. Aboard his ship the Sorcerer, he travels throughout the Imperium, raiding ancient sites to steal xeno tech or to keep tabs on the far-flung operations of the megacorporation.

It is rumored that Agent Skarlander maintains a clone copy of himself, deep within the Cauldron, in case he gets killed during his nefarious activities. Although cloning is strictly prohibited by Imperial law, Warlock Industries is rarely afraid to test the boundaries of legality.

Doctor Sprouse

With red hair and a white lab coat, Doctor Sprouse can be seen working in the Cauldron, deep under the Warlock Industries headquarters. Although her work remains secret, the doctor’s background in genetics suggest her focus is on manipulating DNA, even though doing so is largely forbidden within the Imperium.


These abominations are the direct result of genetic experiments done by Warlock scientists. By directly changing and incorporating foreign DNA strains, geneticists have created creatures with strong psionic abilities including telekinesis and mind-reading. Most disturbingly, it’s believed that human subjects were the basis of these experiments, even though the end results are no longer human.