Acaz: Private starship owned by Lord Devlin Maycare.
Aldorus: The planet on which the Imperial government, including the captial city of Regalis, is located.
Ashetown: A district of Regalis in which the poorest of the city live.
Augmentors: A monastic sisterhood who worship technology, slowly adding cybernetic implants until they ascend to full robotic conversion. Found on the planet Technas Delphi.
Augustus: A royal family represented by a two-headed eagle.
Avondale (“Lancers”): A prestigious college in Regalis and member of the IV League.
Babelbot: A computer program designed to translate any language spoken in the Imperium.
Baron Lancaster, HIMS: A heavy cruiser of the Imperial Navy. Commanded by Lord Captain Redgrave.
Bettik: A Dyson sphere built by robots that serves as the Cyber Collectives home planet.
Bhasin: Planet outside the Imperium where nobles are sent when exiled.
Blackhearts: A Pirate Clan lead by Kiera Russo, based out of the Blood Bucket on the planet Freeport.
Blood Bucket: A rowdy tavern on the planet Freeport that serves as the headquarters for the Blackhearts Pirate Clan.
Blood Law: Talion tradition of retribution, legally allowing those victimized by a crime to seek physical restitution (including literal blood) against those who committed the crime.
Blood Prince: Title of the leader of each family (aka brood) of Dokk.
braZbots: Delivery robots for the braZos mega-corporation.
braZos: The largest consumer mega-corporation in the Imperium, offering every product imaginable from its nodesphere site. Their boxes display a large letter zed (“z”) on the side.
Celadon Corsairs: Competitors of the Pirate Clans, Celadon Corsairs hijack shipping, selling any surviving crew and passengers to the Ougluk as slaves.
Celadons (“Goblins”): A group of diminutive humanoids with small bodies and large heads.
Cerulean: A race of blue-skinned mimics known for appropriating the characteristics of other races.
Consilium: Enormous structure on Diavol housing the most powerful officials of the Magna government.
Core Worlds: Planets near the center of the Imperium, closest to Aldorus.
Cruxians: A largely extinct race who nearly wiped themselves out through their own hubris.
Cutthroat: The name of Kiera Russo’s pirate ship.
Cyber Collective: An independent, interstellar nation founded by robots.
Dahl: An ancient race dedicated to the accumulation of knowledge. Physically slight, they coincidentally resemble elves of human folklore. Several sub-species of Dahl exist in Andromeda.
Dark Psi: A school of psionics, outlawed by the Dahl, that can transform flesh and reanimate dead tissue.
Diavol: The Magna home world.
Dokk (“Dark Dahl”): A mysterious race of Dahl who, long ago, were exiled and found refuge travelling through space.
Draconians: A reptilian race that has revolted many times against the Imperium. 
dy cybernetics: The largest manufacturer of robots in the Imperium. Founded by Dyson Yost.
Dyson Sphere: A large space structure, measuring millions of miles across, with a star at the center to provide power.
Emperor’s Counsel: A group drawn from the Imperial Senate. Called archsenators, they act as a liaison between the Senate and the Emperor.
Erudite Concordant: The interstellar state outside of the Imperium, and home of the Erudites. Their symbol is a simple blue ring against a white background.
Erudites: A blue-skinned race with high intelligence. Obsessed with purity, they use selective breeding to promote a “perfect” example of their ace. So-called pure members are called Omegas. All others are called Omicrons. They view imperfection in other races with great distaste.
Erudun: Home planet of the Erudites and capital of their Erudite Concordant.
Eudora Prime: A planet on the border between the Imperium and the Cyber Collective.
Fat Cat Casino: A large gambling house on Regalis run by Big G.
Ferans (“Beastmen”): A race of animalistic humanoids, a group of which having settled on the moon Pellium D.
Five Families: The most powerful houses of the Imperial nobility. Direct descendants of the captains from the surviving sleeper ships.
Flesh Golem: A conglomeration of dead flesh reanimated into an undead monster by dark psi.
Forgotten, The: Dahlvish term for any Dhal that’s been exiled from their society. The memory of their existence is psionically erased from all non-exiled Dahl.
Fortunas IV: A distant planet of the Imperium known for its expansive bazaar and nightlife, including a disco called the Funky Town and the gentlemen’s club, The Pink Persian.
Funky Town: A dance club on Fortunus IV where Funkmeister Rik works.
Ghuls: A race of humanoid creatures that live mostly underground near graveyards and cemeteries. Sometimes known to eat humans and other races.
Gnomi: A diminutive race, no more than two to three feet tall. Despairingly called tinks, the Gnomi are highly proficient with machines and electronics.
Gordian: A race of stubborn, boar-like humanoids with pig noses and tusks. Physically stocky, but shorter than the average human.
Gorgon, HIMS: The largest warship in the Imperial Navy, commanded by Lord Rupert Tagus III.
Gowyn: A Sylvan town located in the treetops of an ancient forest.
Griefers, The: A street gang led by Kid Vicious.
Groen: One of the Five Families, represented by a botonée cross.
Grunka: A foul, amphibian creature found on jungle planets. Also, most definitely not a cooking ingredient.
Gwlad Ard’un: Home world of the Dahl.
Havenville: The only town on the planet Lone Haven.
Herd Father: The patriarch and chief of the Pellions.
High Dahlvish: The language of the Dahl and Sarkan (Red Dahl).
HIMS: His Imperial Majesty’s Starship
Hotspur: Pirate ship owned by Capt. Blixx.
IDEA Furniture: A successful Imperial company selling DIY furniture and delicious meatballs.
Imperial Senate: The highest legislature of the Imperium, made up of both commoners and nobles.
Imperial Standard: The common language of the Imperium, especially spoken by humans. It is also the name of the date standard used by the Imperium, starting with year zero when the Imperium was founded. For example, the Imperium Chronicles starts in the year 700 Imperial Standard, which is 700 years after the beginning of the empire.
Imperium: An empire largely controlled by humans. Founded 700 years ago, after humans arrived in sleeper ships from Earth after an 800-year journey.
Isyium: A remote Talion planet attacked by the K’thonians.
IV League (Pronounced “Eye-vee” League): A group of four colleges located in Regalis catering exclusively to the aristocracy.
Jewel of Amann: A luxury starliner passed its prime. Capable of only sublight travel between planets.
K’thonians: A race of purple skinned humanoids with squid-like features including large eyes and squirming tendrils above the mouth.
Kamal Maut (“Death Lotus”): A terrifying creature evolved from fungi that can exhale a cloud of poisonous spores.
Katak (“Froglings”): A primitive amphibian race.
Klixians: An insect race who believe all non-Klixians are an abomination.
Konpira Maru: A missing Parvulian freighter.
Liberty: A battlecruiser of the Cyber Collective.
Lokeren: A water planet featuring tropical archipelagos and the home of the Veber family estate.
Lone Haven: A remote settlement near the Imperial border.
Magna Supremacy: A major interstellar power at odds with the Imperium.
Magna: A race of green-skinned humanoids with devil- or ram-like horns. Larger and more physically imposing than an average human.
Marakata: The Draconian home world.
Maycare Institute of Xeno Studies: An organization founded by Lord Devlin Maycare and run by Professor Jessica Doric. The purpose of the institute is to find and take possession of xeno technology before it falls into the hands of disreputable parties such as Warlock Industries.
Merope: One of the lost sleeper ships. Commanded by Captain Andre Santos.
Metamind: A genetically altered human designed with enhanced psionic powers.
Middleton: A district of Regalis inhabited by large businesses and, in general, middle-class neighborhoods.
MoFoCo: A disreputable mega-corporation specializing in products of questionable quality.
Montros: One of the Five Families, represented by a rose.
Naiad: The “user interface” for the Pool of Memory.
Necronea: A race of undead created using dark psi.
Neosho: A water-world outside explored space. Also, the birth place of the K’thonians.
Nobles (“Aristocracy”): Families of the Imperium who are directly descended from the crews of the sleeper ships. The most powerful of these are called the Five Families.
Nodesphere: A network of interconnected computers (i.e.: an Internet).
Old Ones: Mythical creatures that existed before the universe was born.
Omega: An Erudite deemed racially perfect by their society.
Omicron: A so-called imperfect member of the Erudite race. Viewed as lesser than Omegas, but still superior to non-Erudites.
Oras Dracilor: Capital city of the Magna Supremacy on Diavol.
Ougluk (“Hobgoblins”): A hulking race of slave traders in league with the Magna Supremacy and the Celadon Corsairs.
Parvulians: Small, pink-skinned race that use Walkers for locomotion and interaction with larger races.
Peacebot: A rebranded killbot.
Pellions (“Centauri”): A race of centaurs native to the moon Pelium D.
Pellium D: An inhabited moon orbiting a gas giant called Pellium. Home of the Pellions.
Pink Persian: A stripper bar on Fortunas IV frequented by Oarkney Fugg.
Pirate Clans: Groups of loosely organized marauders who attack shipping along the Imperial Frontier.
Pool of Memory: A liquid computer in which the collected knowledge of the Dahl is stored.
Prill: A remote planet covered in thick jungles.
Psi Lords: A secretive data cartel that uses dark psi and espionage to gather and sell information to the highest bidder.
Psionics: Special mental abilities common among Dahl and related sub-species. Also called Mind Magic.
Rattenbury: Freighter owned by Capt. Hitch.
Red Lotus: A criminal organization run entirely by women, specializing in extortion and prostitution.
Regalis Cup, The: Annual grav bike race that takes place above the Regalis River on Aldorus.
Regalis Police Department (“Regalis PD”): The collection of precincts that make up the Regalis police. Their motto “Honoris, Officium, Integritas” means “Honor, Service, and Integrity”.
Regalis: Capital city and seat of government of the Imperium, located on Aldorus.
Revenna: A planet of lush forests owned mostly by the Montros family.
Rippana: Name of Sir Golan’s sword.
Robot Freedom League (RFL): An activist group within the Imperium with the sole purpose of freeing robots from servitude.
Sadira Flowers: A neighborhood flower shop in Regalis that serves as a front for Red Lotus.
Sarkan (“Red Dahl”): A race of Dahl with bright, red skin. Opposed to the Dahl’s cooperation with the Imperium, they assist the Magna Supremacy.
Scatha III: The Klixian homeworld. Third planet in the AB Scatha star system.
Shadow Maidens: Female Dokk with psionic powers allowing them to hypnotize victims. The personal guard to each Blood Prince.
Si-Sawat: A crime syndicate made up of Tikarin and led by Big G.
Sleeper Ship: One of seven colony ships launched from Earth to the Andromeda Galaxy.
Sorcerer: Starship owned by Warlock Industries, often used by Oscar Skarlander.
Sporemen: A primitive fungal race.
Starling: A starship owned by Magnus Black.
Steppenwolf: Freighter owned by Capt. Ramsey.
Sterope: One of the lost sleeper ships. Commanded by Captain Sheba Nasri.
Sucikhata: The largest Draconian city on Marakata.
Sylva (“Woodland Dahl”): A race of Dahl who prefer living close to nature. Female Sylvans have psionic abilities while males do not.
Tagus: One of the Five Families, represented by a lion.
Talion Republic: Interstellar state of the Tals and allied with the Magna Supremacy.
Tals: A reptilian race with orange scales and a ridge running along the top of their skulls.
Technas Delphi: Ta Demona’s homeworld, run by a female-centered theocracy called the Augmentors.
Technotown: A district on the planet Eudora Prime where electronics and other devices are sold.
Thunderclap: Name of Horngore’s shock mace.
Tikarin: A feline race slightly smaller than an average human.
Transmat: A transportation device that dematerialized travellers in one location and then beams them to a new location where they are rematerialized.
Veber: One of the Five Families, represented by a scallop shell.
VOX News: A news organization with a near monopoly share of the broadcast market throughout the Imperium.
Wanderer: Freighter owned by Captain Ramus.
Warlock Industries: A mega-corporation operating throughout the Imperium, specializing in military hardware, advanced technology, and genetic experimentation.
Warmaiden, HIMS: A destroyer in the Imperial Navy.
West End: The richest district of Regalis. Also, the location of most Imperial government buildings.
Westford (“Cavaliers”): A prestigious university located in Regalis. The alma mater of Lord Devlin Maycare and Lord Winsor Woodwick. Part of the IV League.
Xeno: A non-human.
Xenotech: Alien, non-human technology.