Magna Architecture

I hope everybody’s having a good holiday (Christmas,  Hanukkah,  Cthulhu Eve, etc.)! As for me, I’ve been working on a chapter for Dragons of Andromeda set on Diavol, the Magna home world, in their capital city Oras Dracilor. Like the Magna themselves, their architecture features uncompromising shapes and lines:

Along Embassy Row, on the West End of Regalis, the Magna consulate stood like a mausoleum as dark as Magna blood. Built from volcanic basalt from their home world Diavol, the embassy was a series of straight, right angles forming a monolithic structure without windows. – Arks of Andromeda, Chapter 24

I used Brutalist architecture as inspiration, but instead of concrete, I envisioned everything built from the basalt of their volcanic home world. It’s a hellish landscape to be sure.

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