Erudite Lore

The Erudite Concordant is an interstellar nation outside of the Imperium. The Erudites, from the planet Erudun, are deeply xenophobic and prefer to keep to themselves except for basic diplomatic relations including an embassy on Regalis.

The Erudites have a fanatical belief in racial purity and follow strict protocols to ensure perfection.

From a planet called Erudun, the ambassador was the product of a highly selective and rigorously followed set of protocols related to breeding. The Erudite government, based on computer programs that tracked his parents’ genetic profile, allowed them to procreate with the sole purpose of having a child that was as close to a perfect specimen as possible. Once the baby was born, government officials would compare the child to a set of criteria including physical proportions, internal measurements, and genetic markers for future diseases, and if the results matched the ideal specimen, within limited tolerances, the birth would be considered a success… Children matching the ideal were henceforth known as Omegas. Those who did not were called Omicrons.

“The Secrets of the Psi Lords”

Because of these strict procedures, most Erudites appear identical, especially to non-Erudites.  Erudites are humanoid with a height and weight comparable to humans. However, they are completely hairless, and each hand has only three large fingers. They also lack visible ears or a nose except for small holes in both cases. Their mouths are narrow and their eyes, like the rest of their bodies, are a solid light blue color.

Besides perfection, Erudites are also obsessed with intellectual pursuits. Perfecting the mind is just as important to them as the body. For this reason, Erudites have become skilled at psionics, especially mind control. Many also spend time meticulously grooming small plants and trees, similar to the art of Bonsai. In all these efforts, the concepts of control and perfection are a recurring theme.

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