Prologue for my next book, Dreams of Andromeda

I only have a few more chapters to write before I’ll be done with the fourth book of the Imperium Chronicles, The Dreams of Andromeda. To give a taste of my newest book, here is a sneak peak:


In the five years since the emancipation of Imperial robots and the destruction of the Klixian swarm, the Imperium has once again settled into stability and the status quo. This is not to say nothing has happened during this time. In the spirit of reconciliation, Emperor Augustus pardoned Lord Tagus III, allowing him to become the patriarch of the Tagus family; the slot machines at the Fat Cat Casino are looser than ever; and TeeHee Tea has come out with a new flavor, Jasmine in My Mind.

However, not everything is rosy, no matter what tea you’re drinking. The gangs of Ashetown have grown more powerful, bringing them into conflict with the Si-Sawat crime syndicate. To make matters worse, a hallucinogen called Lotus has hit the streets of Regalis, spreading to all levels of Imperial society. A petal on the tongue, and the Lotus Eaters fall into a deep, restful slumber full of dreams and happiness, far different from their waking lives.

Reality is not a dream. It is all too real…

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