Next Novel Prep

I’ve started serious preparation for my next Imperium Chronicles novel, The Dragons of Andromeda.

I’ve been outlining some of the story arcs that will be included. Some characters from Arks of Andromeda will return and I’ll introduce plenty of new characters.

Right now, there’s going to be two stories featuring the crew of the Wanderer (Ramus, Fugg, and Gen). The first, based on my graphic novel The Crimson Kiss, will tell the story of a missing crew and a mysterious sub-species of the Dahl. In the second story, intrepid reporter Sylvia Flax will find herself in deep trouble and it’s up to Ramus and company to help (assuming she needs any).

In another story arc, Maycare, Prof. Doric, and Henry will travel to the Talion Republic (an ally of the Magna) to locate a valuable book written by a race called the K’thonians. In the process, however, the group becomes entangled in interstellar intrigue and an ancient species from deep space.

Killer-for-hire Magnus Black will return. Hired to kill the leader of a Draconian guerrilla group, Magnus must return to the Draconian home planet where he served in the Imperial military and received the nickname “The Butcher”. Will his past come back to haunt him?

And finally, although I haven’t outlined it yet, we will see what’s happening with the two sleeper ships when they return to the Imperial capital. Will they get a warm welcome or the cold shoulder? Also, Yost and his cyber associates will journey to Bettik, seeking repayment for the debt the robots owe.

And there could be more stories. We’ll see…

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