And so it begins

I began writing my second book, starting with the Crimson Kiss story (starring Ramus, Fugg, and Gen). Unlike my first book, I’m going this one a little differently. Instead of writing the chapters in linear fashion, I’m doing each story arc separately and then joining them together later.

There are usually two kinds of writers: those who outline everything and write from their plan, and those who write “by the seat of their pants.” I actually fall in between: I have an idea of what I want to happen in each chapter, then break each one into scenes (again with a vague idea of what happens), and then I write seat of my pants from there. This has led to some emergent plot points that I hadn’t planned when I started.

This time around, I have the story ideas without any chapter structure. It’s a lot more “loosey goosey” then I’m normally comfortable with, but I’m up for trying new things (hoping they don’t end in utter disaster). However, the great thing about writing is you can do as many drafts as you like, so even if it’s terrible at first, you can fix it before too many see your dirty laundry. 😉

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